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Tots Ocells - juny i juliol
De Wajdi Mouawad direcció d'Oriol Broggi
Teatre La Biblioteca

Eitan is a young Jewish German who lives in New York and studies human DNA. He knows Wahida, a young Arab who is making her thesis about a 16th-century humanist sage who converted from Islam to Christianity by obligation. Both fall in love, forcing Eitan to confront his family and confront his fundamentalist religious beliefs. But when the two young men travel to Israel and the West Bank, Eitan is caught by a terrorist attack on the Allenby border bridge which will leave him in a deep coma. This will force his family to travel from Germany to Tel Aviv, where they will discover their family past, in a mixture of beliefs, religion, human DNA and chance.

They will all be forced to cross the painful border between family love and hatred of prejudice, where the violence of the outside world overflies domestic life and where generations break apart when the past overflows the present.


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